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April Fools UFO image Route66ST. JAMES, MO—Reports of a strange device in the sky have hit the town of St. James, Missouri this Wednesday morning. At around 7:00 AM just as the sun was hitting the horizon, Laura Vacuumoski was on her way to work when she saw a strange aircraft hovering over Route 66.  “I hate to be one of those people, but I really think it was a UFO,” Vacuumoski said.  As proof, Vacuumoski pulled over, got out of her car and took a photo.

Some in the area believe the object resembles a large vacuum cleaner, and was even targeting the Vacuum Cleaner Museum in St. James. Dr. Steven Kleenup is a vacuum cleaner specialist in the area, and said the rumors may have some merit.  “The vacuums in the museum date back to the early 1900s, and all of them still work,” Kleenup said. “If any sort of extraterrestrial community was especially interested in vacuum cleaners, this would be the place to study.”

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