About the Collection

Over 800 vacuum cleaners and every one of them in working condition—what more can a vacuum lover need? Much of the collection was generously donated by the museum’s curator, Tom Gasko who obtained a large part of his own collection from legendary organist (and vacuum enthusiast) Stan Kann. If you’re curious about any of the vacuums in the collection, would like a demonstration, or want to see one that’s not on display, Tom is always happy to help!

Our vast collection takes visitors through vacuum history starting in the early 1900s with antiques such as the Royal Model 1 and ending in the present with today’s world-class vacuums. We have novelty vacuum cleaners such as the Hoover Constellation (a vacuum actually built to float like a hovercraft) and even celebrity vacuums (after all, TV housewives had to clean with SOMETHING!).

Stop by today to see our collection!